What people think about this project... #1

I've mentioned to a handful of my family and friends that I've started this project. It certainly gets a passionate response... I say passionate as it has so far instigated some pretty ranty/involved conversations about very individual experiences each person has had. It reminds me that digital and personal health is very individual. 3 themes have come up in these informal chats.


1. Privacy. It can be hacked. 🙀

Some of the people I've spoken to have been very passionate on this point. Even when I make the argument that the same information on pieces of paper could be lost, stolen, set on fire, this doesn't have the same impact as hacking. It's a fair point but not a blocker.


2. 'I want one'. Most people have solutions in their minds and most people have access to devices or some kind of tech. They all said they would want something to manage and understand their health records.


3. Healthcare horror stories. Whether they have been caring for family or for themselves they have all had to make their own makeshift system to keep track of medication, diagnosis and treatment. Most people have horror stories or had bad experiences and want something to change.


It inspires me to carry on but also makes me wary and wide eyed about all the pit falls. I need to keep focused so will now get on with looking and organising this data I've had now for 2 weeks!