Organising my data

So now I have the data, I want to do something valuable and usable with it. I will be breaking it down, pulling it apart and putting it back together. I have done some basic research to see how this type of information is organised in existing health apps.

Key points

  • Using medical terminology isn't helpful

  • Having a 'summary' of information is useful but how can you make a summary which would work for everyone

  • The concept of a 'timeline' of data could be an interesting starting point. This is how the paper documents seem to work but it needs to work harder

  • It needs to be relevant

My main aim from this exercise is to make sense of groupings of information, what goes together and what doesn't. I will then be looking into how to store it in a database type format. Something which should cross populate and what links can be made to piece of relative data.

The two examples below show simplicity to the extreme (you can only upload photos onto this app) and unnecessary complexity. 👇

Please send me any good examples if you have them to 👍