'What is your family medical history?'

How many times have you been to the doctors or hospital and the clinician has asked.

'What is your family medical history?'

I will typically reply with erm, well, erm my Nan had cancer twice and beat it but that was in her later life... I know a bit about my grandparents, a bit about my parents... is this relevant?

The doctor will then apparently write something down or completely ignore what I said and move on....

That was definitely not a correct family history report right there...

I realise I don't really know my medical family history or what that means and what the doctors need to know. It is something some families don't want to share with each other or can't for any reason. Or often information is shared verbally or through experience which can result in incorrect information being passed down from person to person.

How much should we know about our family and how do we know which parts are relevant? This does bring up some big privacy issues and I'm sure there are some health records we don't want to share with each other and some we know is vital to ensure understanding of anything which may effect our own life style.

It is something I will be revisiting further down the line - digital connections could be an answer but not without rules, security and privacy.

How much do you know about your families medical history? Has there ever been a situation you wish you had known something and you didn't? Do you wish you didn't know?

*please note I have been to many different doctors and this comment is a brief summary of my experiences.