About this project

Something I, my family and friends have been talking about for what seems like forever is how difficult it is to understand your own health records. 

I have spoken to people working in the NHS on different levels and increasingly hear about how clinicians feel that patients should understand their own medical history, and take ownership of it.

I can openly say I don't understand my own records. I don't understand the language medical professionals explain any problems I may have and I don't know what the NHS knows about me.

I have decided to go on a mission to understand my records from the past and create a system to keep them digitally in a usable form for the future - I don't know yet what the outcome is but it must be something digital and scalable. 

This is a UX project led by my own direct user experience issues with our healthcare system. I will log each step of the way from my own perspective - I am the persona, I am the audience, I am the patient + and I am the designer. 

Lets see where this goes. 👀