First step - get my medical records

The first step for me to start compiling my info is to get my medical history from the GP.

I visited the NHS website to find out how to go about doing this. This page was pretty helpful.


I called the doctors to ask how I can obtain my records. The receptionist informed me that she didn't know what the process was but I should call back on Tuesday to speak to the practice manager.


I called back asking the same question, but a different receptionist said I should call back on Wednesday between 10.30 - 11 to speak to a specific person. This time they gave me a name of the specific person. 👀

  • They asked if I wanted a summary.
  • I asked 'what does that include?'
  • They didn't know


I called at the specific time. 😄 I spoke to the specific guy who was very helpful. I asked what I would get. He informed me of the following:

  • A full summary is: Consultations, medication, past records
  • It would cost £10 to get them printed
  • I could not get a digital version of them
  • When you moved from GP to GP your records get sent back to the health authority (I presumed they go direct from doctor to doctor)
  • I should call back on Friday morning and see if he managed to get them all sorted, and he would let me know when I could pick them up
  • He asked if it's for insurance or lawyers, as people usually only request them for these reasons
  • He found it strange I wanted them but was happy to help


I called back at the specific time on Friday morning and my records had been made ready for me. Apparently due to there being non digital records dating back to 1990 it would now cost me £40 to take them away. 

£40!! 😮

I picked them up and begrudgingly paid £40 cash for some photo copies of my own personal data.


My £40 record! It wasn't even sealed. 😮

My £40 record! It wasn't even sealed. 😮